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Kit Katch™

Kit Katch™

Kit Katch™

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Ever Wonder How You Can Improve Your Cat's Life Quality?

The best way to surprise your cat is with Kit Katch! Featuring a strong scent of catnip, Kit KatchTM is the only toy your cat needs to keep her engaged for hours!

The center of gravity keeps the ball stable, allowing it to move in any direction with ease. The result is an interactive ball that moves just like the prey it simulates, a mouse

It will go back and forth endlessly as your cat pushes it. Kit Katch keeps everyone entertained and intrigued every time, making playtime even wilder!

Four Reasons Your Cat Will Think This Cat Toy Is Amazing

A perfect solution for indoor cat's that don't chase very many mice - As soon as your pet pushes the ball, it will twist and turn, creating the most intriguing play experience your cat has ever seen!

An affordable solution that exercises their natural hunting instincts - Kit Katch™  Make your cat's day by giving it the playful attention it deserves! All-day long your cat will hunt, making the nights quiet for you!

The catnip ball will make your cat go crazy in love with this toy - The catnip scent lingers in the nimble ball, which makes it even more enticing for your cat to chase it around like a mouse.

This is why cat's think we have the best interactive cat toys - Kit Katch™ offers the most exciting prey to play with thanks to its intuitive design!



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