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Cat Security Shirt

Cat Security Shirt

Cat Security Shirt

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Extra security guards is never wrong, especially if they're cute!

Let the whole neighborhood know who the real boss is. Let them know that before they enter your house, your new security guard needs to approve them, or maybe you just need a new cool profile picture for your Instagram!

Jokes aside, if you have elderly cats, immune-compromised cats, or even some of the hairless breeds, you understand the importance of keeping them warm. These cats often need to wear sweaters to help retain body heat. 

Putting clothes on your cat can de-stress them!

Putting specialized clothing on stressed-out dogs is commonplace, but did you know it works for cats, too? Occasionally, putting a calming coat on your stressed-out cat is the best thing you can do to help with behavioral and stress-related conditions. Calming coats are uniquely designed using acupressure to reduce stress and help keep cats calm in certain situations.


Bond with your cat

Cats are natural instinct is to connect warmth with being close to someone, and since you're the one putting the clothes on the cat it'll feel closer to you so be prepared for surprise cuddles from your four-legged friend!


Material: Jeans
Pattern: Solid
Thickness: Thin
Cleaning method: Hand wash / Machine wash

Tags: clothes

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