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Automatic Vat Water Fountain

Automatic Vat Water Fountain

Automatic Vat Water Fountain

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How To Get Your Cute Furball To Stay Healthy And Hydrated

This year alone, 2 out of 3 cats experienced either poor hydration, kidney disease, or bacterial infections.

Health issues amongst cats, such as kidney failure, urinary tract disease, and other related issues are easily preventable at home.

The Cat Water Fountain encourages cats to drink more water and stay healthy, happy and hydrated all day long. This adds years to your cat's lifespan.


Improve your cat's way of life, with this simple water fountain


Cats like running water.
Instinctively, your cat might know to be suspicious of still water, realizing that stagnant water isn't always safe, veterinarian Dr. Deb Greco tells VetStreet. Their wild DNA tells them that still water can be contaminated, so they know that running water is safer.
The small blue light on the edges of the fountain also is there activate their curiosity and makes your cat want to explore the fountain which most likely will make them drink from it!

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Sleep with it in your room, without a problem - SUPER quiet!

🙀 70% of household pets show signs of poor hydration, which can lead to kidney disease and other health issues

🙀66% of pet water bowls are not cleaned often enough according to veterinarians

What if there was a way to ensure that your favorite furry friend always had access to the water they need to stay hydrated, from a clean source?

It's time to put an end to your pet's dehydration and ensure the water they drink is always filtered, clean and accessible


Paw parents, your cat's life just got a little better!

Say Goodbye to those ineffective water bowls that make water contaminated with hairs and toxic bacteria collected on the bottom surface, worst of all, affecting your cat's health and lead to the risk of crystallization in the urethra!

Created with a triple carbon activated filter in it you know it will take away all those bad bacteria that aren't supposed to reach your cat's mouth!

Pettingpatrols water fountain is made with BPA-free material and compatible enough which can be easily fit anywhere. 

This water fountain was developed by safety experts for busy paw parents! 

Blue light will awaken your cat's natural curiosity

Super Quiet: You can leave this on throughout the night in your bedroom and you will not notice it!

✅ Promotes Hydration: A continuous source of fresh running water encourages the cats to hydrate themselves more often, which prevents kidney and urinary tract issues. 

3 Water Flows Settings: Adjustable to suit your cat's desires. You can alter the flow of the water to your personal liking.

Promotes Drinking More Often - The sound of flowing water peak your pet's natural instincts which will lead to more frequent drinking and ultimately a healthier lifestyle for your pet

Cleaner Drinking - Built with a triple carbon activated filter, the pet water fountain ensures your pet is always drinking the highest quality, cleanest water they have ever encountered. No more tap water for your favorite fur pal!

Made with Food Grade Material: Keeping all health standards in mind, this pet fountain is made with BPA-free food-grade material to keep your cat free from any risk. 





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