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Comforting Banana Bed

Comforting Banana Bed

Comforting Banana Bed

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Your cat will never want to leave the banana bed once they have jumped in!

Does your cat love to sleep and get in plenty of naps during the course of the day?

Cats usually find some safe hidden place, they also really like dark, warm hideaways, especially in winter.

Even indoor cats still have the instinct to hide from predators, and these places are also nice and quiet, anti-stress therapy for them. Banana Cat House is an extra, warm, and hidden sleeping place for your cute cat.

Cat's sanctuary for peace and quiet!

The perfect place of peace and happiness, like heaven, but only for cats. You'll never have to worry about where your cat is hiding away!

This adorable interactive plush banana bed will make your cat feel secure and special. The unique pod type pet bed is calming for cats- as it provides a secure space to cuddle up and sleep.

Your cat will love to jump in and out of the banana peel bed, and peek out at unsuspecting passerby's.

Open an close the banana peel with easy to use Velcro closures.

100% exterior and filling, wash with a small gentle cycle.


Give your cat the comfort it longs for

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