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Relaxing Cat Hammock

Relaxing Cat Hammock

Relaxing Cat Hammock

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Your Cat Will Absolutely Love Relaxing In This Hammock

Want to treat your feline friends with a bed just for them? Pettingpatrol creates the ideal resting place where your kitty can feel safe, cozy, and accommodated through the seasons! 

You can mount it easily in high places around your rooms to give your cat the security of solitude or hang it by the radiator in the winter to give it all the warmth it needs!
The frame sets up easily and is strong enough to hold all your sleepy kittens. Portable, reliable, and cozy as a cloud, it's the perfect place for a nap!

Four Great Reasons To Buy This Amazing Hammock Today

A great way to relax - Want to get closer to your cat? Set the hammock close by to spend your lazy days beside one another!

Does your cat deserves an amazing nights sleep? - Create the perfect winter bed by mounting the hammock on the radiator. Your cat will love you for it!

A Great way to improve your cats sleep immediately
- The gentle blend of cotton and wool creates the perfect fabric to rest on in every season! 

An affordable solution to start your cats badass natural insticts
- forget about expensive cat beds, set up your comfy hammock, and your cat will always feel accommodated. By placing the hammock higher up, your feline's natural insticts will kick in.


  • Cat Hammock is great for keeping your cat warm and cozy.
  • Made from a Soft and Luxurious Material, this handy accessory provides an ideal spot for your favorite feline to curl up and relax on.
  • Strong and Durable Metal Frame-Collapsible for Easy Storage.
  • Soft and Luxurious Removable Machine Washable Plush Faux Fur Cover Sleeve.
  • Suitable for Cats and Small Pets Up to 5Kg.
  • Simply pop over a radiator to provide a nice, warm and cosy place for your pets to sleep or relax on.

It can also be hung in other locations as a resting space for pets.


Material: PP+polyester cloth+burlap

Product Category: Seat Cushion

Specification: lamb cashmere, plush

Color: black, white beige gray, leopard print

Package Content:

1 x Shelf


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