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LED Lit Up Cat Nail Clipper

LED Lit Up Cat Nail Clipper

LED Lit Up Cat Nail Clipper

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Gives you the power to prevent your cat's paws from getting hurt!

Pet Nail Clipper ensures that you can trim your pet's nails without risking injury or discomfort to the pet. The super bright LED light means you can see exactly where you need to cut. It also has nail storage so you don't have to clean nail shavings on the floor and clothes.

Cut your cat's nails easily in seconds with this clipper!

  • Bright LED light. Illuminates light-colored pet nails' delicate bloodline, preventing cutting the bloodline, so you can trim in the right spot! Keep your pets safe and comfortable.
  • Magnification. 5X magnification ensures you can see things up close and reduce the risk of over cut.
  • Trapper. Nail trapper helps catch nail clippings for easy cleanup.
  • Precise cutting blade. Pet nail scissor blade made of hardened steel, quick-clip precision hardened steel blade trims with ease.
  • Comfortable handle. A thick handle design can disperse the compression force when clipping. Make you more comfortable.
  • Great for cats & dogs. Can be used to cut the nails of both cats and dogs.
Tags: grooming

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