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Pet Car Seat Belt Adjustable Harness

Pet Car Seat Belt Adjustable Harness

Pet Car Seat Belt Adjustable Harness

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Protect your pet and your family with our dog safety belt!

Surveys indicate that most dog owners who drive with their pets unrestrained in the vehicle are distracted as a result - around 40% have to use hands or arms to restrict the dog's movements at some point.

Driver distractions increase the risk of accidents - and looking away from the road for two seconds doubles your risk of a crash. In a 50mph car accident, an unrestrained 10lb dog (eg. a mini dachshund) keeps moving with roughly 500lb of force: larger dogs, considerably more.

The good news? You can change all that with our dog safety belt - helping to protect your pet AND everyone else in the vehicle. Best of all, it fits in seconds. Simply attach one end to your dog’s collar or harness, slotting the other end into the seatbelt lock. 

TO INCREASE YOUR DOG'S SAFETY, we recommend using this seat belt in conjunction with a dog harness rather than attaching only to a collar.



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